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Our goal is to have you input data once and let SureFire Auto-RV-Marine electronically send it to wherever it needs to go...

Our direct links to, kijiji (car & light trucks), FlexDealer,, , Castanet and CraigsList allows your data and images to be sent electronically every night. This eliminates the need to do manual updates to keep your on-line presence current.

With DealerTrack Canada, we have a two-way interface that allows you to upload pre-authorizations or pending deals and transfer approved deals directly into SureFire Auto-RV-Marine. No more cutting and pasting between DealerTrack and your existing DMS.

To view our DealerTrack <--> SureFire DMS video demonstration click here. For best results, we recommend using the following settings: 720p HD and view Full screen


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